USB Android Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

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Main feature:

 Powerful TPMS:
Monitoring tire pressure and real-time temperature ratio, which will transfer real-time data to your car’s DVD to remind the driver of the convenience of vehicles and driving safety.

– Wide application:
This system is very suitable for vehicles with four tires and the tire’s maximum pressure is less than 8 bar, for example a commercial car, for jeep, terrain vehicles, minibus and then car etc.

– Digital screen:
Includes a TPMS receiver, four external sensors and a U-disk. The tire real-time data is sent to the DVD via the USB port, so you can easily and conveniently know your car’s status on the DVD.

– 4 external sensors:
Provides four sensors, suitable for use in all types of weather. In addition, they are in high sensitivity and good accuracy for measuring pressure and temperature


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